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Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost unorthographic.
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1. Proactive thinking
In contrast to reactive thinking, proactive thinking allows you to anticipate both new problems and new opportunities and not just react to the situation, but create it yourself and see the potential for development in everything.
2. An integrated approach to problem solving
The ability to see different sides of the problem and find a balance, that is, to distribute time and effort in such a way as to complete each stage of the work and, as a result, to solve the entire problem.
3. Strategic planning skills
It is the ability to predict the future and develop a plan that will help any initiative stay afloat in the long term, be it a personal language learning plan, a startup's marketing strategy, or an online career development plan.
4. Ability to simultaneously be a leader and a subordinate. The modern management style is democratic, that is, the boss and the subordinate are almost equal. To master it, business games are useful.
5. Ability to operate effectively in difficult economic conditions.
For example, during a pandemic. Freeze the project or lay off half of the employees, return to brand values ​​or exploit a hot topic? These are questions that need to be answered quickly in times of crisis.
6. Anti-burnout
It is the ability to feel when the stress level becomes critical, to be able to relax.
7. Possession of the basics of social entrepreneurship
Today almost every organization leads or supports one or another social project. However, everyone is faced with the same questions: where to find money, how to promote the project, how to organize the work of volunteers?
8. Possession of digital etiquette
How to conduct work correspondence in instant messengers, is it normal to call without warning, and at what point can you send a sticker? This knowledge is pretty simple and well worth owning, especially if you work remotely. Thanks to competent communication, colleagues will better understand what they need to do, and everyone will be violated, that their boundaries are not violated.
9. Financial literacy
10. Antitoxicity
This is the ability not to be an unpleasant person, and the ability to resist abuse. Extremely relevant.

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